Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Week 3


Today, when whole world has gone electronic the social media and social technology have taken huge places in organization life. Concept of building brand and increasing productivity is all depended upon the efficient use of social media to lead the market of the organization in due direction.
Gone are days when organizations were depended upon the manual market or only media market via advertisement through television or radio channels. Instead social media has not only driving the lives of common people but also the enterprises as well. Twitter, facebook, linked in, my space, orkut, and four square like platforms are being used as image building platform by the organization. Entrepreneurs set the core culture of integrity and commitment by positive marketing of their organization’s environment on social media like posting a discussion on linked in group that truly depicts the organization’s culture and sometimes it involves the employees to share their ideas and suggestion that could lead the company toward better prospect.

It is said “seeing is believing”, it is completely true, I have myself experienced observed that any organization that is uploading its cultures and workplace’s pictures on company’s sole blog or facebook page create a positive perception about that company specially for those who has never visited that company and of course that is how they build their image. Now, every time when the name of that company is being called the image of that company would come in my mind and that is call power of branding through social media. Perceptions are always bigger than reality, so companies should take due care while branding through social media platform because once the image is created would take so long to get changed and after long effort. Organization needs to put up all the research and efforts in utilizing these social media platforms and should continuously monitor the activities that are being performed there with their name and authority.  


  1. Hi Rowaina ... Its true that many successful companies are using their culture to attract people to deal with the company ... but however this is not enough in my opinion ... using Facebook to show the clients more about this culture is such a great way to give clients confidence with dealing with this particular company .. indeed that social media platform is the essential tool for any company to increase their popularity but in one condition which is , the company must have ideas that can reach to the clients attention .. once they have those ideas then they can use social media to perfectly apply them .. thank you !

  2. Hello Romaina

    I'm really enjoying your blog.

    I agree that social media has the potential to become far more effective than the traditional advertising methods that you mention (ie, television and radio). Image-building is an important part of marketing for any organization, and social media (with direct interaction with either an existing or potential customer-base) has become much more effective, but as you said, potentially open to inherent negativity if continuous monitoring is not maintained.

    I especially like your comment that " perceptions are always bigger than reality".

    Thank you.