Monday, 5 August 2013

week 2

How successful blogs work?

Blogging is an art; it requires much effort to keep the readers engaged. It requires a blogger to be efficient and skilled to get its readers attracted and under the charm of blog. A blogger should bifurcate the readers first with respect to their interest. There are different interests of readers like some want interesting and catchy reading materials, some want tourism materials, some want political news, or some want technological news etc.

Besides, the selection of topic the blog should also be presented in a way that it keeps the interest of reader intact from the start of reading to the end of the post. For keeping the interest intact the blog post should be very interactive like use of questions so that readers mind also figures out answers while reading the post. Further, the blogger should also be sure about what does he want to communicate to his / her readers but at the same time care must be taken that post should not be clustered or messy with extra words otherwise it would start dropping the interest of the readers.   

 example if the blogger is writing on some travel guide or tourism then the places chosen must be well researched and everything that is written about that particular destination should be accurate. Like if a blogger is writing about Thailand trip then the interesting visiting points discussed should be well researched and should contain details about those places. Because the readers of that post must be those who either are tourists or have deep interest in tourism therefore, a writer must be very careful in writing a travelling post.
Presentation of your chosen topic in the blog post requires deep research and analysis for

Last but not the least there should be a well defined strategy for writing a post. I have gone through various posts where writers are writing a random post on the basis what just comes in their mind, may be this is also a very effective approach sometimes as often your mind gives you very amazing topics to write, it is all about moment. However, my views are different I want strategically move in writing a blog from scratch to final product that is from research to the uploading of post.  


  1. Thanks Rowina for your good start writing in a blog.
    blogging have a long age and the numbers of writers and the vistors is increasing, and it last longer than twitter or facebook that only last for couple of days then it will be in the bottom of the time line or get lost with the other tweets. I agree with you writing is an art that needs a lot of hard work to gain followers and readers and keep them interested. Blogging also helps us developing our language and let the people know who we are. I have suggestion for your post It will be easier to read it if you add more space between the lines :)

  2. You welcome Dan ;
    Its my pleasure that you have agree. Blogging is a style of giving an idea about what we want to say
    thanks for your comment and your suggestion as well :D