Sunday, 6 October 2013

Week 9 : Social Networks and Social Media Monitoring

In this global age, everyone and “anyone” are engaged in some form of social media interaction. Individuals around the world are engaged in conversations about the brands or products, and services that various companies offer. This trend spurs the usage of various online platforms available within easy access. It also invokes the importance of social media monitoring so that companies regulates what is being said or “commented” about them. Individuals in large numbers may be tweeting about the quality of your services, may be discussing your reputation on a community forum, may be reviewing your products on some blogging website or simply putting comments on Amazon regarding the product listing by your company. Thus, social media monitoring is helpful to provide insights regarding the company’s strategic decision-making, issues handling, crisis management, customer relations and feedback, messaging and positioning for a certain brand.
The company that we have decided to monitor, for its social media practices, is Coca Cola Incorporation. Their social media presence and interactions over various interactive websites can be monitored suing the tool Brand-watch. Brand-watch is a monitoring tool that gives a comprehensive coverage of the online content that is intended to be delivered. It identifies a conversation in over 25 languages while constantly enriching its “crawling” capabilities using added features and applications. It has been gathered that Coca Cola embraces a very active and socially-encouraging position over the social media platforms while strictly adhering to the Social Media Principles as laid out in the company’s digital policies.
We have found out that the company Coca Cola is a good “participant” on online blogs and forums, whereby the company abides by its Information Protection Policy in addition to be very responsive to what people seek to know about it. The company adopts a transparency approaches in all its social media engagement wherein selected representatives are always willing to cater to their customers’ queries and feedbacks. The company regularly monitors its behaviors in social media forums, and constantly cross-checks for its claims holding them being true to life.
Coca Cola maintains an established position for itself, on the Internet; the company is sure to penetrate even more in the coming times. The company selects 360i as digital agency for monitoring its social media presence. This agency monitors and takes adequate “care” of what the customers say about its products across Face book, Twitter and other forums. The company is well-aware of the prospects that social media can offer, provided that the company acts as an active social representative about its own happenings and services. The coming days will see a more integrated approach form the company, building relationships with its key business partners in addition to forming strong customer-relations. 

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